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This site and store is largely devoted to Collectible Pin-Back Buttons (and their ancestors). Buttons document virtually every aspect of American life and world affairs since the Age of the Dinosaurs - in the sense that there are some great dinosaur buttons. Buttons, as we know them today, have been reflecting the world in real time since 1896 or 1860 or 1840 or 1789 - it depends on how you define your "button" interests. Personally, I've loved them all. So, you might say, if your stuff is so great - why sell it? Simple answer, since I decided in 1971 to devote my business life to collectibles there has always been a necessity to decide which items went into my auction catalogs and which entered my various collections. Having bought many of these objects decades and decades ago, the price I sell them for now is not my paramount concern. I believe we are the caretakers of our collections and for me seeing a piece go to a new owner who appreciates the object's appeal and status as an historic object is my payoff.

My button categories include most every subject of the thousands portrayed on buttons (or will as I continue filling the store). If you have a special interest, please let me know via: ted@tedhake.com

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By the way, if this site is interesting to you - visit the auction site of the company I founded in 1967. www.hakes.com Hake's Americana & Collectibles is owned by Steve Geppi, President of Diamond Comic Distributors. I continue with Hake's Americana & Collectibles as a full time consultant handling the political campaign items and all buttons, badges, premiums and advertising specialty small items. Hake's produces three amazing auctions of historical and popular culture collectibles each year. These are really unique offerings of objects combining our national collective personal memories and American history as no other auction house does. Click here to order a free AUCTION CATALOG or here to visit HAKE'S AMERICANA STORE with over 200 collecting specialty categories at very friendly prices.